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We are here to provide drug addicted and alcoholic individuals an opportunity
to grow and change through the recovery process.


Our goal is to provide a foundation for you to stand upon which is safe and secure. We believe that the addict and alcoholic must become "healthy" in all areas of their life to be truly successful in life. For most, this journey takes time, but it is obtainable.


Accepting responsible for your life is very important and it is here you will continue
to learn the skills needed to become productive members of society.


If you are willing to follow our direction, we can help you grow.


Criteria for Admission

  • A desire to stay sober and clean, work a quality 12 step program

  • Attend 3 12-step meetings per week if working or going to school

  • Attend 5 12-step meetings per week if unemployed

  • Participate in 12 step readings/step work assigned by your sponsor

  • Mandatory house meetings when scheduled

  • Participation in monthly house cleaning and complete assigned chores weekly.

  • Attendance of regularly scheduled house meetings

  • Submit to random drug screening

  • Daily contact with your support

  • Effort to be compatible with other guests

  • Personal interview to discuss other specific matters

  • $600-1000 monthly resident fees

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